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Filtron F5

Filtron F5 in small and bovine farms, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, hatcheries, advanced processing and packaging. It is also suitable for egg production and poultry. 

Shelf life change of products before and after application in integrated plants using Filtron F5 filter


  • Increase hygiene conditions in food production and sale

  • Provides energy saving

  • Destroys the smell in the environment, filters the particles

  • Nature friend, no harmful chemicals


A new era in integrated facilities

By using Filtro F5 in integrated animal production plants, infectious diseases are prevented by filtering airborne particles and microorganisms. Antibiotic use is reduced. It preserves the freshness of the product produced and extends the shelf life without using additives.


Filtron® F5 Gel Air Filters
Microbial with HEPA Filters
Performance Comparison


Filtron F5 is set up according to the recipe made by the experts of Films. In continuous operation after this installation, the number of bacterial colonies in sample food samples is reduced to zero as long as the operation is carried out as prescribed in the project. In the same conditions, HEPA, etc. filters in the standard are not microbial priority, so they still have microorganism load and decrease the freshness performance after production.


Filkim's patented Gj7 material is completely natural

Is obtained by high technology and contains no harmful substances

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